いよいよ!!展示会前ですが…。 / Before the event...

It's been a month since it became the new era, "Reiwa".  Summer is coming soon!  That means that the rainy season is coming, too!  Wait, the more important thing is, "we have less than 2 weeks until 'Lily Fair June'"!!
While hoping that we will see many visitors at our event......, I would like to introduce Ramen which you can have in Kochi, and "character lunch boxes" I made for my daughter the other day.  

I basically prefer Udon noodles to Ramen, but there is a Ramen restaurant which I’ve been into since 2 years ago.

ホルモンとニラたっぷり、スープはどろどろの熱々で、最後まで冷める事のない餡のようなスープ‼ その残ったスープにご飯をぶっこみ、最後まで汗だくになりながら美味しく食べられる、その名は「ジャン麺」♪
The soup has much innards and garlic chive, and it's very thick which allows the soup stay hot until the end.  When you finish the noodles, you put the rice in the soup and you can enjoy it until the bowl gets empty.  The name of this Ramen is "Jan-men".

This is when I put rice in the bowl.

You can have this Ramen at 2 places in Kochi City.  Please check it if you have chance.

The next is "character lunch boxes" which I made for my daughter. 

This one is "Frozen" lunch box.

This is "Minions".  I've never seen the movie.

10歳になった娘に作るキャラ弁もこれで最後かな…( ;;)その娘がつい先日は、私一人で寝るき!と、自分の部屋で寂しがるそぶりも見せず寝る始末。
I think that this is my last "character lunch boxes", because my daughter is now 10 and she will like more "matured" lunch....  She's turning a lady, and  started to sleep by herself the other day.
I sometimes feel lonely to see her growth, but I will cheer myself up and concentrate on "Lily Fair June"!

We look forward to seeing you all at our event! 

by Kawakami


もう夏ですか? / Is it already summer?

The temperature in Kochi has been over 30 degrees C some times (it's like the mid summer!).
I'm in charge of handling bulbs in our cooling rooms as well as sales, and some customers give me thoughtful words, "Be careful about your health because you work in cold and hot!".

Now, there's 3 months left to "Lily Fair June", and lilies in our greenhouse have finished branching and the buds are growing.


You can see the differences if you compare the photos of our blog 2 weeks ago and now.
We recommend you to check the shapes before the event, and check the flowers in the event.

Our customers in Kochi visited us the other day, and said,

"It's perfect timing now to check whether the lily is good or not good."
They spent a long time to check the lilies in our greenhouse.

We hope that we can see you at our event under the clear blue sky like this.

by Nishiyama

6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE
ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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(新)研修生!!! / New Trainee!

We had heavy rain here in Kochi on Monday.
Kochi people are meant to be used to big rain, but it was a bit surprising even for us.
Now, it's very sunny today, and the temperature became much higher as well.

Meanwhile, we welcomed a new trainee from Holland on May 21st.


He is Mr. Dirk van Uden from A. Bakker & Nz. BV, which is a Dutch company making cut lilies and lily bulbs.  Many Japanese lily growers should know his company as a NZ grower of lily bulbs.
Dirk is the son of Bakker's president, Mr. Marco van Uden.  Dirk is a fresh young man of 20 years old, and it's his first time to come to an Asian country.
We hope that he will know many new things, and spend a good time in Kochi.

On his first day of the training, he helped the disbudding in our bulb field.  
During his break, I went to talk to him in my "original" English.
He told me that he does boxing, what kind of car he has, and he was sleepy rather than tired maybe because of jet lag.
I'd like to talk with him more during his 1 month-training time in Kochi. 


"Lily Fair June" is at the corner.
We will welcome you with Dirk.
Please feel free to contact us and ask anything about the event.

by Okamoto

6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE

ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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「品種の人気投票ボード」を作っています。 / Preparing ”Favorite variety ranking board" for Lily Fair june

We have less than a month to "Lily Fair June", and the preparation is in the last part.  As we introduced you a little in the previous blog, we are preparing a new "favorite variety ranking" vote.  We have asked the visitors their favorite varieties with questionnaire papers every year, but we will do it on big boards in the greenhouse and the visitors can see the results in real time.

The people who produce lilies, sell lilies, and use lilies have different opinions, and the ranking board will make the differences "visible".  We hope that it will be one of the subject of conversations.   

 We plan to place the boards from the first of June.  The visitors who come to our test greenhouse before the event can join the vote.  It should be interesting to see the change in the results before blooming and after.

We checked the design of the board the other day.  By the way, the lilies in the front is "Bonesta".

It's been the latter half of May, and trees are vivid green and the nature is becoming active in Kochi.
In this comfortable season, I joined a trail run race in Shimanto-cho in Kochi the other day.  The course is very rough and sometimes dangerous, but the runners can enjoy beautiful scenery on the way as well.
Trail run course which runs in forests with soft leaves and rough rocks on the ground has different attractiveness from normal marathon.

The start point

Beautiful trail with sunshine through trees

Dangerous steep

Chinka-Bashi (bridge designed to be underwater during a flood) on Shimanto River

Kochi Prefecture has the proportion of forest land of 83%, which is the highest in Japan.  There are various  tourism using this characteristic like this trail run race.
In the point of lily, like Kochi's forest rate, we might find more interesting aspects when we see it from different points of view. 
In this year's exhibition, we will propose new aspects of "Lily's scents" which haven't been received attentions very much so far.

by Inoue

6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE
ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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5月半ば~! / Already mid May!

It's already middle of May, and we are getting busy with the preparation for "Lily Fair June".
We feel that season is changing slowly compared to usual years, but trees and plants we see are getting more and more vivid and active day by day.

It applies to the weeds which we had removed in the parking place for the event last month as well.  Probably we need to clean it up again soon.

We are so glad to have many people from all over Japan at our event every year.  We will welcome you with lilies in bloom of the biggest number in varieties ever.
Some people should visit Kochi for the first time, so we hope that they will enjoy beautiful nature of Kochi as well.

A sightseeing spot of Kochi which is getting popular recently is Niyodo River.  It's famous for its beautiful water color called "Niyodo Blue", and you can enjoy various activities at anywhere along the river.
The photo below is from the downstream area.

 そして楽しみながら植物に出会うことができる、牧野植物園! 植物園は高知市五台山にあり、高知県出身の植物学者・牧野富太郎博士の業績や土佐の植物生態なども観ることができる植物好きな方には絶好のスポットです。今年3月にオープンした展望台からは四国山地の眺望も楽しめます。
Another popular spot is "Makino Botanical Garden" where you can have a good time seeing various plants, trees, and flowers.
It locates on Godaisan Mountain in Kochi City.  You can learn the works of Dr. Tomitaro Makino, who is a famous botanist born in Kochi, and the ecology of Kochi's plants.  It's a perfect place for people who are interested in those things.
A new observation spot was opened in March, and you can see the mountain range of Shikoku Island there.


 We get impressed and healed by beautiful things around us any time.  We hope that lilies will be one of the beautiful things familiar for people from now on too.
Please feel it at our "Lily Fair June" next month!

by Kondo

6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE
ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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あと1か月となりました / Only 1 month left

Only 1 month left to “Lily Fair June”.
These are the present situation of our test greenhouse.

The number of people who visit our greenhouse a little before the event to check the condition is increasing recently.
It might be difficult for some people to take enough time to see everything of the trial at the event because there are many relative people from the flower industry to talk with.  We would like to recommend such people to come before the event.

You will be able to see the final shapes of almost all the varieties in the end of this month.
Please visit us to check them before blooming if you have time.
We will guide you in the greenhouse.

By Mizutani

6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE

ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
ホームページ www.nfb.co.jp
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平成から令和へ / From Heisei to Reiwa

On May 1st, when many Japanese people were in the middle of the long ”Golden Week” holiday, the emperor retired and abdicated the imperial throne to the new emperor.  It changed to the "Reiwa" era from "Heisei" era.
TV news should continue reports about this big change for a while.

Before the holiday gets into the busiest time, we placed the lily "SNS stand board" in a shopping arcade in the mid Kochi City again.
This time we can expect much more people to see it because of the holiday, so we tried even harder to make it better.

As well as the last time, Kawakami and Okamoto went to place the board and arrange the flowers on it.

It was already in the middle of the holiday, so we saw many tourists while we were working on it.  The dialects of the conversations we heard sounded like those of outside of Kochi.

ハートストリングス(左下 複色)
コンパニオン   (ピンク淡)
テーブルダンス  (ピンク濃)
メイタイム    ()
ファストラーダ  ()
ティセント    ()
The lilies and leaves are different from last time.
The lilies are;
- Heart Strings (down left, multiple colors)
- Companion (light pink)
- Tabledance (thick pink)
- Maytime (white)
- Fastrada (white)
- Tisento (white)

What made us happy the most was that a young couple was taking photos of themselves at the board.
It was our first time to see complete general people were using the stand board, so we just looked at them with happiness for a while.

Please come and see the lily board if you have chance to visit Kochi during the holiday.
Please don't forget to take photos at the board, and put them on you SNS.
We appreciate the support and understanding of the staffs of the shopping mall. 

We hope to have your continuous support in the new "Reiwa" time.

6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE

ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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