ゆりの切り花の寄贈/Donation of Lily Cut Flowers 

 As shown on TV and in the newspaper(both the Japanese Agricultural Newspaper and Kochi Newpaper), we are donating the cut flowers that were to be used at "Lily Fair June" to elementary schools in Kochi city.

 The other day, we donated 20 cut lilies to Nagahama Elementary School in Nagahama, Kochi city.

 These are images during the donation at Nagahama Elementary School.

左:宮地秀徳校長 右:中村慶吾(弊社社長)
Left:School Principal Hidenori Miyaji.
Right: Nakamura-Noen CEO Keigo Nakamura

 So that the flowers can be easily seen, we asked them to use the flowers to decorate at the doorway(entrance).

 Do you see the photo on the right?

  It is a lily introduction display, created by Inoue, the chairman of the "Lily Fair June" executive committee!

 The kanji has furigana so even lower grade students can read it! It looks like he only used kanji learned in elementary school. On the poster, he introduces the characteristics of the lily and explains that the bulbs are imported from the Netherlands. The most important thing is written at the end. Right! "Kochi is famous for known for its Lily flowers!" And Kochi is the second largest producer of lilies in Japan.

 We hope that this will be an opportunity for students, teachers, and visitors to learn more about the characteristics and strengths of the local area. In addition, we hope can will see and feel the lilies and come to like the flowers even more!

ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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★ユリ品種データベース 試験栽培データ 花の写真 多数★
 6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE
 百合プロモーション活動 花とひとチーム


6月のゆりの展示会(Online/花市場での)最新情報 / Latest Information on "Lily Fair June (Online / at the Flower Auction)"

 How have you been doing? The rainy season has started in Shikoku, and even in Kochi, it is raining. Even in this kind of weather, the lilies in our test greenhouse are growing quickly! Here are some lilies that have begun to bloom.

 New Face のソプラノです。白くてとても美しいです。
 This new face called Soprano, and it is white and beautiful.

 This is Eagle Eye, and I fell in love with the colorful petals.

 We are very sorry that we can't invite everyone to visit our test greenhouse, but we want you to see these lilies on our special web page. (If you are a lily producer who wants to visit our test greenhouse to get individual tours, please call us and book a time to visit.)

 The other day, our original flag for the Flower Auction arrived at our company. The design is colorful and energetic. We took a commemorative photo with Mizutani, Inoue, and chief counselor Nakamura.

 こののぼり旗は、「京都生花 株式会社」様用ですが、それぞれの市場様の社名を印字してお送りする予定です。
 This is originally a flag for Kyoto Flower Co., Ltd., but we will print the company name of flower auction participants and send them out. 

 We have finished packing the poster to use in the "Lily Fair June at the Flower Auction", and we are about to send it. We all are looking forward to seeing how the Fair will turn out. Our special web page is open from June 1st, so please visit the website; https://www.nfb.co.jp/lfj2020


ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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★ユリ品種データベース 試験栽培データ 花の写真 多数★
 6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE
 百合プロモーション活動 花とひとチーム


6月のゆりの展示会Onlineについて / Highlight for Lily Fare June Online

「6月のゆりの展示会」がもうすぐ始まります! 実行委員会のメンバーはそれぞれが準備に精を出しております。
 Lily Fare June Online will start soon! The executive committee members are all having a busy week of preparation.

As mentioned in the Smile newsletter, the central themes of this year's exhibition have been decided to be "An Online Exhibition" and "A Flower Market Exhibition".

「6月のゆりの展示会 Online」についてですが、6月1日から弊社ホームページに特設ページを開設します!試験農場の開花状況や品種情報を見やすく分かりやすくご紹介しますので、ぜひアクセスしてくださいね!
 In regards to "Lily Fair June Online", we will set up a special page on our website from June 1st! We will display the flowering status and information on flower varieties in the test greenhouse, so please visit the website.

 Please take a close look at the people who appear on this page. You might be interested to know that these figures are character motifs based on our employees!

  We have taken some photos to show you the situation of the test greenhouse.

入口 Entrance

 The lilies in our greenhouse have finished branching, and the buds are growing too.

  With the cooperation of the market and the appointment as Lily Ambassador, we will be able to display lilies at the exhibition booths of 23 markets nationwide for "Lily Fair June at the Flower Market". We hope that this exhibition will promote lily sales, and some way or another we will convey to you that scene.

 さて、最後になりましたが弊社花壇で発見した、「Perfect  Joyパーフェクトジョイ」です。Perfect Joy を英和辞典で調べてみると、Perfectは「すばらしい、完全な、理想的な等」の意味があり、Joyは「成功、喜び、嬉しさ等」の意味があります。今回の「6月のゆりの展示会」が素晴らしく成功するように願ってこのブログを書き終えたいと思います。
  This last photo of the Lily called "Perfect Joy", found in our flowerbeds. According to an English-Japanese Dictionary, "Perfect" means "great, complete, ideal, etc." and "Joy" means "success, pleasure, delight, etc." I want to finish writing this blog with the hope that "Lily Fair June" will be a great success. 


ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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★ユリ品種データベース 試験栽培データ 花の写真 多数★
 6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE
 百合プロモーション活動 花とひとチーム



「6月のゆりの展示会オンライン」まであと1ヵ月。 / One month to "Lily Fair June Online"

 As we have mentioned, this year's "Lily Fair June" at Nakamura-Noen has been canceled. It was supposed to be Tanaka's first exhibition, and she was looking forward to seeing you all, but she will channel those feelings into a new project.

 Though it is a little late for introductions, the six members of this year's executive committee are Inoue, Nishiyama, Yamamoto, Katagiri, Kondo, and Tanaka. As there are both old and new faces in the executive committee, and we hope to look at the new projects with a fresh perspective.

  We are taking our meeting very seriously.

 The details of the new project are still under consideration, so please look forward to it. We will only show a little bit about how it looks.

It looks like Yamamoto is filming something.

It looks like Yamamoto is editing something.

 In the test greenhouse, the bulbs we planted, intended to bloom in early June, are growing steadily. Though the cancellation of the exhibition was announced in the Smile newsletter, we are still welcoming visitors to our test greenhouse. However, due to COVID-19, please call us and book a time to visit, so that we can give individual tours.

 Lastly, we are gathering name submissions for a new lily variety we will submit to Holland. You can submit your recommendation via our website. We look forward to your application.

ゆり球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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★ユリ品種データベース 試験栽培データ 花の写真 多数★
 6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE 
 百合プロモーション活動 花とひとチーム


4月の中村農園では Nakamura-Noen April Highlights

 It is already the end of April, and it is getting warmer day by day.

 Even here in Kochi, uneasy and anxious days continue. In the office we all wear masks, and also while we are working or having lunch, we keep our distance from each other.

 Lily Fair June, the event at Nakamura-Noen, was canceled due to Coronavirus; however, we are still preparing for online updates.  

Iida is planting.

Nishiyama is watering.

Kawakami is spreading an organic soil fertilizer.

  In the test greenhouse flowerbeds, Eucalyptus, Hedera, and Hydrangea quercifolia (Oakleaf Hydrangea) are growing densely. This years' Hydrangea quercifolia is budding exceptionally well, so I am looking forward to seeing it flower. 

 We still can't see any flower buds, but lilies are growing well in our curing field.

By Okamoto
百合球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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ユリ品種データベース 試験栽培データ 花の写真 多数
 6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE 

 百合プロモーション活動 花とひとチーム


春は、花の季節です Spring is the season of flowers.

 It is the end of March, but there are still many cold mornings and evenings. However, the days are getting longer, and when we hear phrases like "fluctuating temperatures" and "It gets warmer after it rains," we feel that spring has come.  

 Anyway, the marathon I was going to run in was canceled due to the Corona Virus. In these times, flower events are still held outside, though they are being downsized. I am going to introduce you to some of these events and my weekend spent sightseeing spring flowers.
 First, these lilies were a request from Kochi prefecture, written in our presidents' column.

 高知駅のこうち旅広場に他の高知の草花と共にアレンジされたユリたちです。弊社製作のSNS撮影用ボードも活用していただきました。リリーアンバサダーで花いけバトラーの金子生花店 濵田達也さんのアレンジです。

 These lilies are arranged with ornamental plants and are displayed in Kochi Station's terminal space. We made use of our company's SNS board. It was created by flower arrangement competitor and Kaneko Flower Shop chief, Tatsuya Hamada.

 高知空港のエントランスに展示された、あふれでているかのようにデザインされたユリたちです。本当に、ユリの川か流れがあるようでした。JouJou Mitsukoさんによるアレンジです。

 This arrangement is displayed in the entrance of Kochi Airport. It truly looked like a river or stream of lilies. It was arranged by Jou・Jou Mitsuko. 

 The soldum-plum(tree)that was planted at my grandmother's house was in full bloom. The fruits will be ripe enough to eat in three months.

 This is a weeping cherry tree, planted near my grandmother's house. This is a famous sightseeing spot for weeping cherry, but you can see the small ones everywhere.


 The Nishigawa Flower Festival is held in Kochi's Konan city, well-known for the Yamakita mandarin and Ryuga Cave. It was a little early to see flowers; the best time is still a little way off. The yellow carpet seems to be canola flowers.

 Lastly, here are tulips in full bloom in Nakamura-Noen's flower beds.

By Okamoto
百合球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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ユリ品種データベース 試験栽培データ 花の写真 多数
 6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE 

 百合プロモーション活動 花とひとチーム









 映画館も美術館も、生け花の発表会も、商業施設の門松も、テーマパークの花フェアも、空港の花も、その 場所と時 を体験(体感)させるものです。

過去によく使われていた「CS=Customer Satisfaction=顧客満足度」は、満足度と言うものの、商品とサービスの信頼感や購入しやすさの指標となり、農産品においては産地のブランド名や生産情報という付加価値だったと言えます。
CSは重要ですが、(食べ物ではない花では特に)末端の消費傾向を評価しづらいため、最近では様々なジャンルで「CX=Customer Experience=顧客体験」という概念で、購入者が受け取った感情こそが価値とされてきています。





百合球根・輸入・生産・卸 株式会社中村農園(高知市)
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ユリ品種データベース 試験栽培データ 花の写真 多数
 6月開催!「6月のゆりの展示会」- LILY FAIR JUNE 
 百合プロモーション活動 花とひとチーム